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Are you searching for housemaid service in Kathmandu Nepal ?

Housemaid service has been providing the best maid service in Kathmandu Nepal.  Stop looking anymore and land in the right place. We have experienced  reliable and trustworthy maids to clean your house and office. We provide services like cooking, design, cleaning , ironing , clothes folding etc. our housemaid service also provides babysitter , taker , cook and housekeeping staff.

best housemaid service in Kathmandu

Why do you need professional housemaid service in Kathmandu?

1.  Clean House 

The main advantage is self-evident. Whenever you enlist a housemaid, you get a perfect house! However, this is past the sort of clean house you are utilized to. Whenever you recruit an expert you get back home to a degree of neatness that is more profound than how the situation is playing out. All things considered, when you clean you’re likely hurried or occupied in light of the fact that you’re likewise pondering work, preparing supper, and so forth. Whenever an ace tells the truth they can get your home shimmering on the grounds that that is their solitary concentration.

2. Time To Relax 

Housemaid service gives you an opportunity to unwind. Require one moment to include how long you spend cleaning consistently. Presently suppose you got all of that time back. Presently envision somebody placing that new book in your grasp and a glass of wine in different… looks pretty decent, right? Imagine a scenario in which you got to partake in that book and that glass of wine in your flawless, clean home. A ton of times we don’t understand how upsetting it tends to be to have the commitment of cleaning wearing on our shoulders. That moan of help you give when you’ve cleared your path through a heap brimming with grimy dishes is the way you ought to get to feel each opportunity you return home from a drawn out day.

3. More Joy/Organization

60% of individuals are less worried when they are in a perfect space and 72% are more useful. Employing a house cleaner administration offers you the chance to keep your home mess down and your psychological wellness up. Besides when you need to clean less, you have all the more available energy to keep your space coordinated and flash happiness in your life.

4. Better Social Life

Could you welcome individuals over on a more regular basis in the event that you didn’t need to worry about them seeing your grimy kitchen? Do you wince at the possibility of anybody seeing your gross washroom? A house cleaner saves additional opportunity to unwind. Nonetheless, they additionally offer a perfect space that feels amusing to welcome your companions and friends and family into. The main way that another book in addition to a glass of wine could get better is assuming you added all your book club ladies in with the general mish-mash.

5.  Healthier Home

We as a whole maintain that our homes should be pretty much as blissful and solid as could really be expected. A filthy house implies there are developed allergens like residue or even buildup that can happen. Assuming you have children they likely carry a ton of microorganisms home with them from school. Also, where there are kids there are grimy shoes, disgusting hands, spills, and stains in abundance, and the rundown goes on. A perfect house is a solid space to be, which is the reason a housemaid is perfect for something other than your psychological well being.

Here is our monthly cost for hiring a housemaid from our company. 


Duties of maid


Monthly price


Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

1 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

2 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

3 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

4 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

5 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

6 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

7 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

8 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

9 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

10 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

11 hours



Dish washing, cooking and cleaning

12 hours



-The wages/salaries that are mentioned above are not according to the labor law of Nepal. Therefore, Incentives, allowance, and salaries depend on the first party’s decision

-The client should provide breakfast and lunch to normal housemaids and cleaners at their respective times.

-All the maids will work 6 days a week.

-The first party should pay Rs.2,000 as a booking and this amount will not be refundable under any condition.

Maid Service Agreement with Terms and Conditions:

First Party: Customer

Second Party: Housemaid service in Kathmandu


-The second part won’t be responsible for any loss and theft at the first-party house.

-The first party will be fully responsible and must bear all the consequences of any accident that happens during the cleaner’s duty.

-The second part won’t be responsible for replacing another employee if they leave the job due to misbehaving or mistreatment.

-The first party has to pay the amount of salary and other incentives directly to the maid at the end of the month.

-The second party has to pay Rs 2,000 for booking maid/cleaner and the amount won’t be refundable under any conditions

-If any types of legal consequences occur in the future, we won’t be responsible.

-The first party should grant all the security and safety of the maid/cleaner.

-The first party has to collect the original documents of a maid like citizenship, contact no. of family, and relatives in case of safety and reliability (if needed).

– The client should inform the company within 1 week of the maid trial. After completion of 1 week, the company will not be liable to replace another maid

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